For the child with special needs. Playstreet provides educational services to help the child with special needs become independent and live up to his or her potential. We provide an integrated schooling program where our team of experts work together to evolve a holistic program for each child. We also provide speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, special education, oral placement therapy, sensory integration and group play therapy.


Accept the child and the problems he is facing, but always remembering that he is intelligent.



Understand the struggle the child is going through, and resolve that no child is left behind due to being 'different'.



Teach them through Play - after all it is a child's only occupation.



Believe in them, believe in their potential, respect them. They will make you proud.

I would like to thank the team of Playstreet for the great work they have done with my daughter over the past two years. She was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech 2 years ago and I'm very excited about her progress. She only had few single words when she started therapy and now she talks in sentences. My daughter also enjoys the sessions and looks forward to seeing her therapist every week. We highly recommend Playstreet for their professionalism, positive reinforcement and commitment to the child's success. Yanira Colon (Mother to a 4 year old with CAS)



In the integrated program, the child goes through three sub programs, the Nauti, Caterpillar and Butterfly. These programs are targeted at different skill levels.

As we moved our son from Therapy classes to the NAUTI Program, it was like a game changer for him. We are happy to note that the program has helped him to achieve most of his goals, like improved sitting tolerance, receptive skills and gross and fine motor skills. The program helped us to understand the importance of continuous training for the kid and also empowered us (Hanen) for the same. He started enjoying more games in a meaningful way with lot of interactions. He also started pointing for his requirements when shown with choice or even when he wants something. He is also now showing interest in lot of new things like walking on the staircase. Other main concerns like speech, mouthing, blowing of bubbles, doing things on demand etc., will need to be addressed further on. Jayakar (Father to a 5 year old with GDD)


Speech and Language therapy for children with special needs concentrates on improving the cognitive aspects of communication, aspects of speech production ( phonation, articulation, fluency, resonance and voice) and aspects of language ( phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics aspects of communication) including comprehension and expression
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Occupational therapy helps people to organize, manage, and perform their daily life occupations and activities. It supports a child's participation in activities of daily living, education, work, play, leisure, and social interactions.
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Helps children having diffilculties with reading and writing, understanding things, concentration etc. This requires extra support and specific environment to facilitate their cognitive development and learning process.
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Parent Empowerment is something we firmly believe in and advocate to help parents become better facilitators at home and the biggest agents of change in the child's life. Outside of Playstreet, the parents are the ones spending most time with our kids. As a consequence, the child learns the most when the parent is trained to teach the child. Playstreet organizes regular trainings for parents which becomes the heart of the program.

Playstreet is a place of continuous learning. Here, we are always looking at oppotunities to learn, and not just teach the children. Teachers and therapists at Playstreet are continuously updating themselves with newer techniques and approaches.


A Hanen based early intervention program, focusing on developing interaction, play and communication skills in young children. The program includes intensive trainings for parents on interaction, sensory integration and behavior management and aims to empower parents to be the main facilitators at home to bring about communication and pre-language skills.

Play and early skills development program of 1 year duration. This program aims at delivering Speech and Language therapy, Special education and Occupational therapy, all incorporating, tapping and fostering the child's play skills. The Program has been developed, by coupling principles of Hanen, Floortime and Play Therapy.
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The program aims at developing social, emotional and cognitive skills that are crucial to function in a typical school setting, interact with peers and teachers, and meet academic and behavioural expectations. It emphasises on the imperative skills necessary to facilitate inclusion in a regular school setting.

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One Child, One Team, One Goal

Our motto is One child, One team, One goal. At Playstreet, we understand that no two children are alike and need individualized training program so that they can fulfill their potential. This requires teachers and therapists to work together as a team and define a program for each child. The child's progress is then rigorously monitored and modified in the integrated programs to bring out the best in the child.

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I joined this program because I wanted to learn more about the process of communication in young children and what the possible gaps were in my own analysis of my child. Initially I was weary about it because it was labelled as a course for children under the spectrum; probably because my son did not fall into this space. But I quickly realized that this was a valuable course for anybody who was bringing up a young pre-schooler and wanted to ensure their all-round growth. 

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There were 2 things that stood out for me: 1) the parents who attended this session with me and their candidness when they discussed their issues/concerns/thoughts/suggestions. The environment was extremely comfortable and after a while it kept me motivated to come in, because I loved interacting with this group. 2) The delivery of the content was kept as scientific as possible, which helped me better understand the subject at hand. While real life experiences and subjective analysis was introduced, we kept falling back to scientific and proven research. This instilled confidence about the effectiveness of the program itself. (I am a geek who loves to research, so you know why this was extremely important for me! :))

This program will push you to think differently and will encourage you to believe in possibilities beyond the realm of your imagination. The action plans that I came up with, helped me 100% when executed consistently. I was surprised to discover that with a little help, my son was able to achieve communication milestones so easily. More than anything else, it will give you a forum where you can confess your deepest concerns without fear of judgement and then come up with solutions that simply work!
I continue to work with my son using the tools that I have learned in this program and am confident that he will be "therapy free" in a couple of months! #TouchWood Thank you Shereen for your guidance and most importantly your patience to listen to a bunch of really worried parents. What is most heartening is that you strive to empower the parents and children, so that they can continue to grow on their own without continued support of your services. This in itself is unique and reinstates the fact that this program is not some money making scheme but an avenue to reaching independence.

Less Smita (Mother to a 3.5 year old with Social Communication Difficulties) For the 'More than words' program

My son had severe oro motor issues. He did not have mouth closure, could not blow or chew and also had drooling problems. Today after about 6 months of intense, very disciplined, mile stone based Oral Placement Therapy, he has mouth closure, has the ability to blow bubbles, whistle and importantly his drooling has substantially reduced. He is also beginning to show signs of chewing his food. We are very excited about this progress and are confident of even better results in the future. We would gladly recommend PlayStreet to any child with oro motor issues.

Uma (Mom to a 14 year old with Autism)

Our son is 5yrs 10 months old. We joined the NAUTI Program in the month of Feb 2015. It has helped us a lot in different ways. Before joining the NAUTI Program it was difficult for us to go for a holiday because we were not confident to do therapies for him. We were completely dependent on his therapist. With the training that we received in NAUTI we are now confident to do his therapies at home as we are now able to understand his needs and his communication.

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The NAUTI Program helped us to control our temper and frustration. We understand that nothing is going to help our kid if we get frustrated. We should control our negative thoughts and be friendly with him, give him a chance to express himself by encouraging his attempts and help him by giving cues. Now we are able to introduce books to him, but mostly rhymes books, pop up books, and different touch feel books having different textures. We started toy play also but that seems little difficult for us to get him involved right now. But still we are trying to get his attention by keeping the strategies in mind. He enjoys people play a lot and request to play more. We are able to develop his communication in his daily routine. Now he communicates his needs more.
Also with the help of NAUTI's Oral Placement Therapy, he started sipping from a straw and blowing whistles. We also got a lot of tips on how to do occupational therapy at home as well as toilet training.
We are happy that we joined the NAUTI Program and got trained to understand our child's communication attempts better. Now after completing NAUTI he is in the Caterpillar Program and we expect to see more improvements in him.

Less Preethi and Varun (Parents of a 5 Year Old With Autism)

The program is a wonderful method of empowering the parents. Many of us don't know how to handle our kids they have a lot of potential which we need to recognize and enhance to improve their communication. This program provides a lot of vital information and innovative ways for improvement of communication and socialization... which our kids are lacking.
I would strongly recommend this to every parent, as this improves socialization and communication for kids of different stages having developmental delay. Even without help of a therapist, I am seeing a big difference in my child; my child communicates better with visible improvement day by day.

Soumya (Mom to a 4 year old with Autism)

An eye opening program by Shereen. One cannot ask for a better instructor and better training than this. The program was very interactive with demos, home work, videos, exercises, on-site and off-site videos, live interactions, and live feedback while working with the child and so on. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about working and playing with their kids effectively and independently.

Dr. Rema, (Mom to a 5 year old with Autism)

I am doing this More Than Words program with Shereen at Playstreet and it's going to end next week. I want to thank her from the core of my heart for encouraging me to do this.
This program taught me skills to improve my interaction with my kid. I found small mistakes in my communication/ interaction with him n Shereen corrected them. These small tweaks and these strategies are awesome. It helped a lot. My kid learnt communication, which is a very very BIG thing. He understood that people are important and fun to be with. Earlier he would murmur words in air. Now he comes taps us, looks into our eyes and tries to communicate. He is less frustrated and more cheerful. He is finding family fun. He wants to be with us, play with us ALWAYS. He is no longer a loner.....
I am very happy and contended

Saumya (Mom of a 6 year old  with Autism)
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