Playstreet offers these services to help children who have difficulties in specific areas. The sessions are given in 45 minute slots. Playstreet recommends taking at least two sessions per week.

Speech and language difficulties severely limit an individual's participation in education, family life, and the community. Speech and language therapists work with children who have problems with communication, swallowing and other oro-motor functions. Children diagnosed with autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, specific language impairment, hearing impairment, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, stuttering, voice problems, articulation problems, oro-motor difficulties, and other genetic conditions may benefit from speech therapy.

An individual's ability to perform activities of daily living such as self care, work, and leisure activities is crucial in leading a meaningful life. Occupational therapy is a health care profession that is concerned with a person's ability to perform daily living functions. Occupational therapists are trained to assess and treat individuals' performance problems in the environments where these occupations are being done. Services provided by an occupational therapist may include individual therapy to maximize the child's use of his voluntary muscles, and recommendations of task adaptations, task modifications, and use of assistive technologies (e.g., mechanical lift, writing aid).

Children with special needs face many difficulties. Difficulties in behavioural/social, reading and writing, understanding concepts, concentrating and perception affect children's ability to learn in the regular education environment or classroom. Thus the children affected from above disabilities need extra support and specific environment to facilitate their cognitive development and learning process. Special education provides this support and environment.

Social skill is an area of need for most children with special needs. Even some of the high functioning children with special needs currently enrolled in a regular school seem to stumble when it comes to socializing with his/her peers. They do not know how to initiate an interaction, to play or to maintain a relationship with a peer. However, there are not many programs available to help them develop these skills. Playstreet offers a Play and Social Skills Program to facilitate these skills in children with special needs.

The After School Play and Social Skills Program is targeted towards children who are currently enrolled in a regular school and face difficulties with play and social skills in their regular school setting. This program incorporates the services of a special educator, a speech therapist, and an occupational therapist in order to facilitate the understanding of social rules and development of advanced language and motor skills required to socialize with peers and adults in the child's environment.


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